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Using key investment criteria and a disciplined approach, Easterly Investment Partners is committed to delivering exceptional long-term performance.

Easterly Investment Partners CIO and PM, Jack Murphy, discusses the All Cap Value strategy


Our integrated research team of sector specialists focuses on identifying companies that we believe possess below average risk profiles and companies with identifiable catalysts that should drive share price appreciation. Our tenured investment professionals are responsible for developing their own expectations on their industries and companies and contrasting them to views of others.


The Evolution of Easterly Investment Partners

1982: Founded as John A. Levin & Co., a boutique firm dedicated to bottom-up company analysis

1995: Jack Murphy began working with John Levin as an analyst

2001: Jack Murphy named Co-Portfolio Manager

2005: Levin Capital Strategies is launched

2017: Levin Capital Strategies partnered with Easterly to set the course for future growth with world-class partners

2019: Levin Easterly acquired the institutional business of Levin Capital Strategies

2021: Levin Easterly renames to Easterly Investment Partners to position for growth

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