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Long/Short Opportunity

Our Long/Short Opportunity Strategy is an all-capitalization, contrarian value, liquid alternatives product that uses a variety of hedging strategies to lower the overall volatility of the strategy’s investment portfolio.

This strategy is available as a mutual fund through Easterly Funds.


Seeks capital appreciation and protection of investment principal


A conviction-weighted long portfolio and an opportunistic, research-driven process for our short positioning with the goal of smoothing volatility of investment returns for our shareholders. The strategy is managed by Portfolio Managers Jessica Bemer, CFA and Anne Wickland, CFA.


Deep Research

Thorough reviews are conducted on each company to ensure they are in line with our investment thesis and upside target potential return

Risk Management

We invest in companies with low financial risk and pay attention to diversification by being conscious of sector and industry exposures

Why Easterly Long/Short Opportunity?

Award Winning: Winner for the 2021 Hedgeweek Best Liquid Alternative Award
People: An experienced and dedicated investment team
Process: Opportunistic, disciplined and time-tested
Philosophy: A contrarian view on investing, incorporating modern behavioral finance research

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